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2021/2 Bookings

The best laid plans… the idea was to sell the Mk3  & Mk4 in Feburary 2020 but then the Covid lockdown hit. We’ve now sold the Mk3 but have the Mk4 Firetail available for hire until  probably Feb 2022 when it will go on the market

Everyone who hires them has loved them – they are super quick to set up and can be towed anywhere without a problem. We’re keeping one for our own use and I’ll continue to sing their praises to anyone who will listen

Good luck! We hope you have a great adventure.


The Tvan is a fantastic off-road camper trailer that is just as good on-road. Once you’ve stopped for the night it takes less than 2 minutes to get dinner cooking and 5 minutes to set up things ready for bed. Inside there is a innerspring queen mattress, LED lights, stereo and a fan.

The tent/annex sits on a platform that folds out – so you don’t need perfectly level/smooth/flat ground to set it up. The tent is stored in the back door – not on the bed – so you don’t end up with a wet mattress after packing away in the rain.

And because it is a hard shell camper you can easily throw clothes bags, kids bedding, etc on top of the main bed without having to pack them away properly. No more stuffing sleeping bags or deflating mats each morning!

We think the Tvan is fantastic and we’d love to share it with you. It’s perfect for the family who wants to go camping but doesn’t want to rough it, the hard core 4wd adventurer and everyone in between!

Pickup/dropoff is from Artarmon on the Lower North Shore of Sydney – a few kilometers north of the CBD and close to links heading out of Sydney in all directions.

For more information on the Tvan please take a look at the Track Trailer website – http://tracktrailer.com.au/

In the meantime if you would like to find out more about hiring our Tvans please get in touch.

Peter & Wendy McConaghy
Phone: 0419 428 394

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